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Repair or Replace

Unfortunately not all damage is repairable, here we will clarify what can and cannot be repaired. Determining whether or not an area of damage is repairable requires a great attention to detail as well as an in depth understanding of the repair process. A general rule of thumb however is that nearly all areas of damage that are anywhere between the smallest scuff mark on up to 3 feet in over all length are able to be repaired. There are some exceptions to this rule and a few of the determining factors are:

  • Age of the damage
  • Build up of particulate within the damage
  • Amount of UV deterioration of the laminate layer
  • Level of moisture
  • Depth of the damage
  • Location of damage
  • and again overall size of the damage.

At Stoneshield the inspection is the first step of the repair process. We will thoroughly inspect your windshield and take note of any areas of damage, after which we will walk you though our findings and give you a quote and estimated repair time. Because broken glass is so unstable and the damage prone to worsening in such a short period of time, our inspection process must be done immediately prior to any repair and thus any quote or estimate given on a case by case basis in order to ensure accuracy.