A look at windshields

A windshield serves as a literal shield protecting not only the driver but all passengers inside of the vehicle. It acts as a safety barrier shielding against rocks, insects, and all forms of debris from making contact with the vehicles occupants.

A lesser known purpose of the windshield is as structural support for the entire cab of the vehicle. As well as allowing the airbags to function as intended.

Windshields are constructed out of 2 layers of glass with a tough laminate layer sandwiched between them. This laminate layer is specifically designed to hold the glass together in case the windshield gets shattered.

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The word on rock-chips

What often happens is that small rocks get lodged into the tread of tires, eventually these rocks will fly out of the tire and make contact with an unsuspecting drivers windshield directly or in some cases it will hit the road and bounce into the air, these also pose the risk of hitting and damaging a vehicle. With the number of vehicles on the road ever increasing the chances of getting your windshield damaged increases along with it. Additionally, vehicle manufacturers have begun using light weight glass for their windshields in an effort to improve gas mileage, this is a drastic improvement however the newer light weight glass is also much more susceptible to damage.

There is still hope

Thankfully most chips and cracks are in fact repairable. Here at Stoneshield Windshield Repair we take pride in the work that we do. We recognize how severe and common rock-chips are here in the RGV. Not only are they a common part of life here but the climate itself plays a primary role in causing the damage to spread. We are here to offer a more sustainable solution to windshield replacements and the best news is in most cases we can provide our services completely free of charge to our customers, for more info click here.

What to do when you get a rock-chip or crack

So you are driving down the expressway and you get hit by a rock, here are some tips to help prevent further damage.

Things to do:

  • Get your windshield inspected and repaired as soon as possible
  • Place a small piece of regular clear tape over the damage to keep dirt and water out

Things to Avoid:

  • Using your windshield washer
  • Washing your car
  • Touching the inside of the windshield
  • Putting off the repair
  • Keeping your vehicle in direct sunlight
  • Driving on rough terrain
  • Using a reflective sun visor