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Using your Insurance

One of the payment options many of our customers have available to them is using their insurance company to cover the entire cost of the glass damage. We have received an incredible amount of interest about this topic in the past and here we will address some of the many questions we get on the subject.

Most insurance companies will cover the entire cost of our repairs free of charge to our customers. The requirements in most cases are as follows:

  • You must have a full coverage policy on the vehicle
  • You must be with one of the insurance companies that participate in the glass program
  • A policy holder must be present to speak to the insurance company during the time of the repair
  • Most insurance companies will only cover areas of damage that are 6 inches or less

Here at Stoneshield Windshield Repair we do our best to make using your insurance as easy as possible. We will call directly to your insurance companies glass only claims department, exchange our shop information with them, at which point they will need to speak with one of the policy holders to verify your identification and go over your coverage with you. Provided that you meet the above requirements your insurance company will send confirmation that they will cover the cost of the repair.

The reason most insurance companies do not charge a deductible nor do they increase your insurance rate is because rock-chips are considered a no fault claim, this means that in the eyes of the insurance company it is neither your fault nor the other drivers fault that your windshield was damaged. Not only do they cover the cost for you in many cases they will cover 3 areas of damage within a 24 hour period of time, this means that it is essentially unlimited coverage. More good news is that many insurance companies also allow you to call and set up the repair job in advance, that way all you have to do is show up at the shop where we will give them a quick confirmation call and get started doing what we do best, repairing your windshield.

Always remember that it is your right to choose any repair shop that you wish to have work on your vehicle as well as the fact that glass damage is still repairable up to 3 feet in length. If you require any additional information in regards to insurance coverage please contact your insurance agent or us here at Stoneshield and we will do our best to assist you.