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What to Expect

Here is a basic overview of our services so that you know what to expect before your call or visit. No matter if you set up a windshield repair job through your insurance company or not, the following process remains the same. (Click here for more information on using your insurance to cover the cost of the repair.)

When you visit Stoneshield Windshield Repair head on into our reception area and one of our glass technicians will be there to assist you. The first step in the process involves a thorough inspection of the damaged windshield. Our technicians will examine the windshield and point out any areas of concern and whether or not the damage is in fact repairable. The inspection process takes approximately 3-5 minutes at most. After the inspection we will assess the damage with you and give you a quote along with the approximate repair time for the damage. Due to the fact that broken glass is extremely fragile and susceptible to spreading each and every windshield must be inspected immediately prior to any repair in order for an accurate estimate to be given.

Granted that both the inspection and assessment process is completed we will then move onto the repair. Generally speaking most repairs take between 10 to 30 minutes depending on the extent of the damage. You may wait inside your vehicle during the repair process if you wish as all of the work is done out side of the vehicle more than 90% of the time. Only on rare occasions will we need to enter your vehicle in order to finish the repair process. Once the repair is complete we will wash your windshield and give you any further recommendations.